Josh Gracin Said “No” to Being On The “American Idol” Series Finale

Josh Gracin Said “No” to Being On The “American Idol” Series Finale

JOSH GRACIN was NOT on last night’s series finale of “American Idol”, but he could have been.  He told “The Washington Post” that they asked him to perform, but he said no . . . and he gave two reasons.

One reason is because of scheduling conflicts.  The other is because he felt disrespected by what they asked him to do.  Instead of performing solo, they wanted him to sing covers of country songs in a big group of former contestants.

He didn’t think that was fair because he’s had a decent career since the show, and it seems like they weren’t recognizing that.

He said, quote, “If they don’t want to acknowledge what I’ve been able to do without their help.  If they can’t even acknowledge the success I’ve had and what I’ve been able to do, how am I going to get Nashville to [take me seriously]?”

Josh hasn’t had a hit in a while, and he’s feeling like he needs the suits in Nashville to take him seriously.  He doesn’t think they would if they saw him on TV singing someone else’s songs.