Merle Haggard’s Family Wants Him to Quit the Road

Merle Haggard’s Family Wants Him to Quit the Road

MERLE HAGGARD told “Garden & Gun” magazine that he can’t stand the idea of NOT performing, even though his family has been asking him to quit touring.  Obviously, they’re worried about his health.

His doctors forced him to cancel all of his March tour dates hoping that he’ll shake the bout of double pneumonia that started last year.

Here’s what Merle said, quote, “It’s a double-edged sword.  It’s what keeps me alive and it’s what [effs] up my life.  It’s hard to have a family, so I try to split it up.  I try to build up [at home], and then go and jump on the bus.”

According to his website, his next scheduled show is with WILLIE NELSON on April 7th in Cape Girardeau, Missouri . . . but don’t be surprised if he’s still not ready.

There is one thing from the interview you might enjoy.  It’s what he said about DOLLY PARTON.  Quote, “Oh, she’s hot, isn’t she?  She’s the most charismatic human being alive.  She’s Marilyn Monroe with a guitar.   She’d make Marilyn take the dirt road.”